How to Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger:7 Easy Steps

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular. Your smartwatch is a great way to stay connected, track your fitness, and get notifications without having to take out your phone.

But what happens when you lose your charger, or it breaks, and you are travelling and forgot to pack it ? Don’t worry, there are still a few ways to charge your smartwatch without a traditional charger.

Another issue is that your charger is lost somewhere else and you need to charge your smartwatch right soon.

But in this blog post we will properly described How to Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger so friends read carefully till last of the blog .

Disclaimer: Before we begin, it’s essential to understand that attempting any of these methods may void your warranty or cause damage to your smartwatch. Use these techniques at your own risk. It is always best to use the manufacturer-approved charger whenever possible.

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Different Methods To Charge A Smartwatch Without Charger

1- A power source and a USB Cable

Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger

Using a USB cord and a compatible power source is one of the easiest ways to charge your smartwatch without a special charger. 

A USB charging cable that contains a USB Type-A connector on one end and a proprietary or standard charging connector on the other (such as USB Type-C, micro USB, etc.) is included with many smartwatches. 

The cheapest and most practical way to charge your smartwatch is using a USB cable.

The majority of smartwatches work with any USB cord. Any store can readily provide them.The instructions are as follows to use this approach to charge your smartwatch:

Step 1: Join the USB Type-A end of the USB cable to an electrical outlet. This might be a USB port on a computer, a USB wall charger, or a mobile power source.

Step 2: Connect the opposite end of the USB cable to your smartwatch using the proprietary or industry-standard charging connector.

Step 3: Using a USB cord to connect to the power source, the smartwatch should begin charging.

Advantages :-

  • This type of cable are easily available in market.
  • This type of cable easy to use.
  • Numerous smartwatches are compatible.

2. Solar power

Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger

Solar charging can be useful if you find yourself outside without access to a power source. Some smartwatches support external solar chargers or have built-in solar panels. Here’s how to charge your smartwatch with solar power:

Step 1: Verify that your smartwatch can charge from the sun or that it has a solar charging adaptor that works with it.

Step 2: Place the external solar charger or smartwatch solar panel in direct sunlight.

Step 3: In order to charge the smartwatch’s battery, the solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy.

Step 4: Be patient because the charging pace can be slower than it would be using more traditional techniques.

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  • This is Inexpensive.
  • Free to use this energy.
  • Smartwatches are always and anywhere charged.

3. Using Power Banks from Different Devices

Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger

Using the battery power from one gadget to charge another is known as power-banking.

You’ll need a device with a suitable port and enough battery life to use this approach to charge your smartwatch. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Find a suitable gadget that can serve as a power bank and has a charged battery as the first step. Any gadget with a suitable charging port qualifies, whether a phone, a tablet, or any other type of devices.

Step 2: Obtain a USB cable to connect your smartwatch to the power bank device.

Step 3: Attach the power bank device to the USB cable’s other end.

Step 4: Attach your smartwatch to the opposite end of the USB wire.

Step 5: The smartwatch will begin charging its battery by receiving power from the power bank.


  •  convenient and portable.
  •  Large capacity for charging .
  •  Connect multiple devices at a time.

4. Car Charger

Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger

If you spend a lot of time in your cars , this method  is perfect for you.

With the aid of the universally useful automobile cigarette lighter plug, you may charge your smartwatch. While driving, you can still plug in the charger to power your smartwatch.

Observe these procedures to charge a smartwatch using a car charger:

Step 1:-Make sure you have a USB charging cord that works with your smartwatch.

Step 2:-Connect the USB end of the cord to the USB port on the car charger.

Step 3:-The smartwatch’s charging port should be connected to the cable’s other end.

Step 4 :-In order to power the charger, start the vehicle.

Step 5:-The electrical system of the car will start to charge the smartwatch.

Step 6:-Before cutting the cord, let the smartwatch charge all the way up.

Step 7:-Remove the cable from the smartwatch and the car charger in a secure manner.


  • Convenience: Charging the smartwatch while traveling in the car is simple and keeps it powered without the need for a wall outlet.
  • Mobile Charging: Ideal for hectic days or road trips where access to standard chargers could be scarce.
  • Charging multiple devices at once is possible because to the numerous USB ports found on car chargers.

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5. Power Sharing with Smartphone

Modern smartphones frequently have large battery packs.

When necessary, a smartwatch can take power from a linked smartphone by implementing power-sharing capabilities.

When the smartwatch’s battery is getting low and there isn’t a charger nearby, this feature can be extremely helpful.


  •  use the smartphone’s battery as a source of backup power.
  •  lessens the need to carry additional devices or charging wires.

6. Thermal Energy Conversion

The production of electricity by thermal energy conversion makes use of temperature differences.

This approach uses the wearer’s body heat as a power source for a smartwatch. Heat may be efficiently converted to electrical energy by thermoelectric materials.


  • Energy from Human Body: Charging the smartwatch using body heat makes it highly portable and independent of external power sources.
  • Continuous Charging: As long as the watch is in contact with the body, it will continue to charge, making it a reliable charging option.
  • Energy Efficiency: Although it has a limited capacity, generating electricity from body heat is a sustainable and effective method.

7. Use Any Wireless Charger

Charge a Smartwatch Without a Charger

In case the battery in your watch runs out, you can use any wireless charger.

Some smartwatches have the ability to charge wirelessly right inside the device.

Place your watch on the charging pad if your devices are compatible with wireless charging, and it will begin to charge wirelessly.

Observe these procedures to charge a smartwatch using any wireless  charger:

Step 1: Make sure that your smartwatch supports wireless charging.

Step 2: Find a wireless charger that supports the same wireless charging standard as your smartwatch

Step 3: Plug the wireless charger into a power outlet.

Step 4: Place your smartwatch on the wireless charger.

Step 5: The smartwatch will start charging automatically.

Here are the some tips for charging your smartwatch without a charger:-

Make use of a top-notch USB cord. Your smartwatch might not be able to be charged by a cheap or damaged cable.

Utilize a power supply that is appropriate for your smartwatch. You risk damaging your smartwatch if you use a power source that is too strong.

Be patient . Without a charger, charging your smartwatch could take longer.

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How to charge smart watch with magnetic charger

If you are interested to know to charge a smartwatch with a magnetic charger,then follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your smartwatch. This is not necessary, but it is recommended to conserve battery life of yous smartwatch.
  2. Locate the charging pins on the back of your smartwatch. They are usually located in the center of the back of the watch.
  3. Align the charging pins on the back of your smartwatch with the charging pins on the magnetic charger. The magnetic charger should automatically snap into place.
  4. Connect the USB end of the magnetic charger to a power source, such as a USB wall outlet or a laptop.
  5. Your smartwatch will start charging. A charging indicator will usually appear on the screen of the watch to indicate that it is charging.
  6. Once your smartwatch is fully charged, disconnect the magnetic charger according to you.

Which charging method is best for your smartwatch?

The best charging method for your smartwatch will depend on the specific model of your smartwatch and your needs. If you are unsure which charging method is best for you, consult the user manually test for your smartwatch.

How can I charge my smartwatch without a charger while traveling?

One of the best ways to charge your smartwatch without a charger while traveling is to use a power bank. Power banks are portable devices that can store electrical energy, so you can use them to charge your smartwatch even when you are away from a power outlet.

Can I charge my smartwatch using my phone charger?

Most smartwatches cannot be charged using a phone charger. Smartwatches typically have a different voltage than phones, so using a phone charger to charge your smartwatch could damage the to your interest you can charge smartwatch with phone charger

Can I charge my smartwatch using my laptop?

Yes, you can charge your smartwatch using your laptop. Simply connect the smartwatch to your laptop using a USB cable.


Charging your smartwatch without a charger can be a lifesaver in a pinch. By following these tips, you can safely and reliably charge your smartwatch no matter where you are .

I hope this blog post is helpful for you, if any doubt on your mind then comment us, we will definitely reply your comments.

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